Mary Ann V.

John is "The Man" for you

My husband and I had a thought of selling our home after 25 years of living in it and raising our 3 sons there. We had contemplated with this idea on and off over the last year. Our sons are grown and we always had a dream of living by the beach. We sat and talked with John Man, discussed different options; sell or use it as a rental. John listened and asked us the right questions to help us come to our decision to sell. The decision to sell was right for us, and although this is what we wanted, I have to say, it was bitter sweet. John Man and his staff made this transition the easiest and most remarkable experience we have had with a professional company. John and his staff (particularly Jonathan & Stephanie) are warm, caring, and professional people, who were sensitive and responsive to our needs and concerns. The advice I have for anyone out there who has a thought of selling is to make sure you use ManRealty to do the job. John is “The Man” for you. Oh, and the day you sign the papers to start the process of selling, make sure you start packing because John will have your house sold before you can blink. Give ManRealty a call today for a home evaluation. You will be amazed at the results you will get with this top notch company. Today we are 95 steps from the sand and love living by the beach, life is good.

~Mary Ann V.