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About Rosemead

Rosemead’s appeal as a new kind of small town in the heart of an urban environment is accomplished by honoring tradition, uniting in diversity, and evolving for the future. This is evident in Rosemead’s Key Organizational Goals which aim to: improve public areas including infrastructure and community facilities; enhance public safety and the overall community environment and opportunities for residents through programs, services, education, and recreation; and ensure the City’s financial stability in order to continually meet these goals and provide basic services to the community.


Familiar, Down-to-Earth, Established Rosemead is in touch with where it came from and always honors its roots.


Neighborly, Warm, Friendly Rosemead welcomes everyone who is committed to making the city better.


Vibrant, Up-to-Date, Flourishing Rosemead is delivering what citizens need and want, and they are responding.


In Rosemead, we honor our long tradition of community spirit and civic engagement. We preserve old traditions like the 4th of July Parade, and look to create new ones that will keep our community vibrant and appealing.


Our multi-cultural experience reflects contemporary American life. While we come from different parts of the globe, we are united by the traditional values of hard work, family and education that help our community thrive.


As we honor tradition, we are a modern small town that keeps its eye on the future. Our location in the heart of an urban environment means that we must continually evolve to meet the changing needs of our residents and businesses.

Park & Recreation

The City of Rosemead Parks & Recreation Department manages a wide range of services to help enrich the lives of those who reside in our community. We administer, manage and implement programs to accommodate a variety of interests, ages, cultures and abilities. The City also coordinates:

Aquatics Program

Classes for all Ages

Excursions for All Ages

Rental of City Facilities

Senior Activities

Youth Activities

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Public Schools

El Monte Rosemead Adult School

El Monte Union High School District

Garvey School District

Rosemead School District


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