Probate & Trust

John Man Group is the Probate and Trust specialists in the San Gabriel Valley; a distinction that has come about because of a commitment to excellence and superior service as a Probate Realtor.

The field of Probate and Trust is daunting, there are attorneys, real estate agents and government agencies involved, and experience in navigating the field is paramount to avoiding a tangle that can end up costing a significant amount of money.

At, we understand that there may be other concerns on your mind when it comes to the execution of a trust, or settling a matter of probate. This is where the difference between John Man Group and traditional agents ends, as we will handle any and all matters that arise as part of the process. We’ll do everything from collecting the mail, to watering your lawn and plants and handling public utilities.

The majority of property that sells as the result of a probate is normally undervalued as the seller wants to put the ordeal behind them, and this represents lost revenue. John Man Group is here to remedy the situation; our specialty is Probate and Trust, and our track record proves our experience; with 100% of listings sold and 71% of those sold over asking, with half our total listings sold within the first 30 days, and 83% sold in the first 60 days.

If you choose John Man Group, you can rest assured that when we take your listing we have an exceptional team that goes the extra mile. We help coordinate with all involved parties (including any attorney); we renovate your property at no upfront cost to you and help negotiate on your behalf to make sure no money is left on the table, thus ensuring you get top dollar for the property, all the while helping eliminate any liability.